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resources for toddlers

Toddlers are developing a sense of trust as needs are met consistently. They are beginning to sense expressions of love as they grow in trust of adults. They can begin to distinguish acceptable and unacceptable behaviors. Toddlers can listen to Bible stories and sing simple songs about God and Jesus as they start to learn to say thank You to God.

Where do I start? What can my child understand? We want to help you answer these questions. Here are some statements that your child can understand based on their age. If they don’t know these, that is okay! These are phrases that you can help your kids understand as they learn more about God and His plan for them. Take it slow, this is a process not an instant miracle. These phrases will help give you context to begin conversations with your child.

• God is good.

• God made me.

• God loves me.

• God hears me.

• God helps me.

• God loves people.

• Jesus was born.

• God chose a family for Jesus.

• Jesus grew like me.

• Jesus learned about God.

• Jesus told people about God.

• Jesus helped people because He loved them.

• Jesus loves me.

• Jesus did everything God told Him to do.

• Jesus is alive.

Concept statements from the concept areas of Jesus and God lay a foundation for later learning about the work of the Holy Spirit.


Examples of those statements are:

• God helps me.

• God loves me.

• The Bible is a special book.

• The Bible tells about God.

• People in the Bible told about God.

• The Bible tells about Jesus.

• The Bible helps me know what to do.

• God loves us.

• God cares about us.

• God made day, night, plants, sky, sun, moon, stars, animals, water, birds, fish, and people.

• God made people.

• God made food for people and animals.

• God planned for people to care for the things He made.

• God said His creation is good.

• God wants me to thank Him for the things He made.

• People learn about God and Jesus at church.

• People at church love me.

• People at church help me.

• People at church sing, talk to God, and listen to Bible stories.

• God made me.

• God made me special.

• God created me to make choices.

• God helps me learn.

• God loves for me to talk to Him.

• God helps me grow like Jesus grew.

• God wants me to be a friend.

• God loves me.

• God has plans for me.

• God helps me.

• God helps me learn about Jesus.

• God made families.

• Families love one another.

• God gave me a mommy and daddy to help me.

• My family tells me about God.

• God loves families.

• God made people.

• God helps people.

• People tell about God and Jesus.

• People can talk with God.

• God cares about other people and me.

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