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family resources

We want to team up with you by providing a list of resources you can use throughout the week to help nurture and guide your children as they explore the Gospel and God’s plan for them! Don’t know where to start? Check out these milestones that can help you understand what your kids are learning and how to communicate with them as they grow in knowledge and understanding of God, the Bible, and the world around them.

Click below to find resources and milestones specific to your kids.


Looking for a way to start exploring the Bible with your kids? Check out Bridge Kids Online. Explore 25 stories from scripture as we look at the timeline of the Bible and how God has a plan for each of us. You can watch these videos on YouTube no matter where you are and begin the conversation with your kids using the family guide. These lessons are different from what the kids learn on a Sunday morning. Learning the Bible as a family is vital for your kids as they grow to know who God is and that He loves them.

Looking for a different episode? Click HERE to see all available episodes!

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