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resources for preschoolers

Preschoolers are beginning to remember Bible stories and retell them. They can recognize how God loves people and helps them in special ways. Preschoolers can begin to ask questions about God and connect verses to life application. They can see Jesus as a friend and helper and are starting to make conclusions about God.

Where do I start? What can my child understand? We want to help you answer these questions. Here are some statements that your child can understand based on their age. If they don’t know these, that is okay! These are phrases that you can help your kids understand as they learn more about God and His plan for them. Take it slow, this is a process not an instant miracle. These phrases will help give you context to begin conversations with your child.

• God is good to everyone.

• God created everything.

• God is always with people.

• God hears people pray.

• God helps and provides for people.

• God shows His love to people.

• God loves people even when they make wrong choices.

• God tells people to worship Him.

• God tells people to obey Him.

• God can do all things.

• God always keeps His promises.

• God knows everything.

• God is real and true.

• God sent Jesus to earth as a real person.

• People in the Old Testament told that Jesus would be born.

• Jesus grew, learned, and had friends.

• Jesus prayed to God.

• Jesus taught people what God is like by what He said and did.

• Jesus performed miracles.

• People can obey Jesus because they love Him.

• Jesus died on the cross and then came back to life.

• Jesus is God’s one and only Son.

• Jesus was tempted to sin.

• Jesus is in heaven with God.

Concept statements from the concept areas of Jesus and God lay a foundation for later learning about the work of the


Holy Spirit. Examples of those statements are:

• God helps and provides for people.

• God shows His love to people.

• God is always with people.

• Everything in the Bible is true.

• The Bible teaches what God and Jesus are like.

• People wrote only God’s words in the Bible.

• The Bible teaches that Jesus died on a cross but came back to life.

• The Bible teaches about right and wrong choices.

•  God sent Jesus to help people

because He loves them.

• God sent His only Son, Jesus,

because He cares about us.

• People choose to disobey God.

• God created the world in six days and rested on the seventh.

• God created people able to make choices.

• God provides for His creation.

• God planned for people to care for the things He made.

• God wants me to enjoy the things He created.

• God wants people to thank and praise Him for His creation.

• God made people able to love Him.

• The Church is people who gather to learn about God and Jesus from the Bible.

• Church helpers teach about God and Jesus.

• The Church provides ways for people to help others.

• People at church worship by praying, giving, singing, reading the Bible, and learning more about God and Jesus.

• People give money at church to help others learn about God and Jesus.

• The Lord’s Supper is a special meal to remember Jesus.

• A person is baptized after he or she becomes a Christian.

• People grow as God planned for them to grow.

• People are special because God made them.

• God allows people to make right and wrong choices.

• God made people able to do many things well.

• God wants people to pray.

• People can try to be like Jesus.

• Jesus taught how God wants us to treat other people.

• No matter what happens, God loves people.

• God has a plan for every person.

• People can show love for God by obeying Him.

• God wants people to take care of their bodies.

• God helps me obey Him.

• Because Jesus forgives, I can tell others I am sorry for hurting them.

• God wants people to follow Jesus’ example.

• God’s plan for families is for mothers and fathers to raise

children. Children are born or adopted into families.

• God wants families to show love, respect, and kindness to one another.

• God’s plan is for children to obey their parents.

• Families worship God together.

• When two people marry, they become a family. Adam and Eve were the first family.

• God loves families even when they hurt each other, and He wants families to forgive each other.

• God made people alike and different, and all are special to Him.

• God helps people do His work.

• People who love God tell others all over the world about Him.

• People can pray for others in their communities and world.

• The Bible tells me to love others in my community and world.

• Missionaries tell people about God and Jesus in my country and in other countries.

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