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“A father to the fatherless … is God in His holy dwelling.” Psalm 68:5

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In 2017, The Bridge Church began to focus on a movement that God had started in the hearts of His people. We looked around and saw over 70 adopted children in our church family and many more in the process of coming home. We sensed the Lord doing something special and calling us up into an incredible work: to see an end to both physical and spiritual fatherlessness.


And so, No More Fatherless began.


To meet the needs of Bridge families and simply join God in what He was already doing, The Bridge launched the No More Fatherless Initiative in November of 2017 to help our church family alleviate the financial burden for the next 50 (and beyond) adoptions and see more children brought into the family of God through our church. To date, The Bridge Church has distributed almost $70,000 to help 17 children come home to their forever families.


By 2019, interest in the No More Fatherless Initiative had grown beyond the walls of our church. As a result, No More Fatherless, Inc. was chartered as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation in the state of Tennessee in order to expand its reach and support other churches in establishing their own adoption initiatives.


Today, The Bridge continues to have a thriving and vibrant adoption culture, and we are thankful to have a front row seat to hear the stories of lives changed and families knit together inside our church.



If your family is in the adoption process and you’re interested in applying for the No More Fatherless adoption grant, we would love to connect with you and see how we can support your family in the adoption journey! Please apply below and we’ll reach out promptly.

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