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The Prayer Practice

Prayer is the medium through which we communicate and commune with God. The practice of prayer is learning to set aside dedicated time to intentionally be with Jesus, and become like him, for the sake of the world.

The Sabbath Practice

Welcome to the Sabbath Practice. We are so happy to have you along for this four-week journey into what Jesus called "rest for, your souls." Few things are as desperately needed today as the

recovery of the ancient practice of

Sabbath - a full day every week set aside to stop, rest, delight, and worship.

Ancient Practices: Prayer

Week 1: Talking To God

Week 2: Talking With God

Week 3: Listening To God

Week 4: Being With God

Ancient Practices: Sabbath

Week 1: Start By Stopping

Week 2: The Quality Of Our Rest

Week 3: Refueling With Delight

Week 4: Realigning With Worship

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