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Crisis Care &
Disaster Relief 

When disaster strikes, we want to come together to love our neighbor well in a time of need. Throughout Scripture, we see Jesus not only near to the hurting, but responding holistically—caring for them both physically and spiritually. Our aim through Crisis Care & Disaster Relief is to help individuals, families, and communities in crisis—locally, domestically, and globally—with immediate relief and long-term recovery efforts connected to the local church.

Get Involved


We always begin with prayer. It’s our most powerful aid. When we are notified of a crisis and/or disaster, we will pray both privately and corporately, and provide prayer points covering the most pivotal needs of those affected. 


If you’re interested in joining our prayer team and leading the way in praying over needs here, near, and far, sign up to serve below.


Through organized efforts with partners that handle the safety, training, and logistics of crisis and disaster response, we will deploy teams whenever possible to assist with projects like clean-up, demolition, rebuilding, food or hygiene kit distribution, and more—all based on the needs present.


If you’re interested in being on the list to hear about serving opportunities, fill out the form below.


Often, in times of crisis and disaster, the most useful tool is not a project or people—it’s finances. Through our local, national, and international partners who are specially trained to evaluate and respond to needs, we practice generosity to meet practical needs whenever possible.


To see how funds are allocated through your giving, click below.

Should You Need Assistance

If you or someone you know is in need of care or relief after a crisis or natural disaster, our team is here to evaluate ways we can offer practical assistance and financial support on a case-by-case basis. 


Please fill out the form below with the best contact information and a brief description of the situation, and someone from our Missions or Pastoral Care team will be in touch soon.

How Funds to Crisis Care & Disaster Relief are Allocated 


Our first line of defense for care is always our Bridge Groups network. Whenever possible, we reach out to our Bridge Group leaders to respond to the needs of individuals facing crisis or disaster.

However, in more complex cases for individuals and families, care is processed through our Pastoral Care team, which meets weekly to discuss how to respond and allocate resources on a case-by-case basis from our general church budget. These resources can include food, shelter, home repairs, funeral expenses, medical expenses, or counseling.

Furthermore, we have relationships with local law enforcement and emergency response teams; in the event of a city-wide crisis or disaster, we would connect with them and our other local missions partners (supported through our Bridge Missions budget) to determine the best course of action for widespread care with a focus on long-term impact.

Nationally & Globally

If a disaster occurs in another part of the country or world, we work with domestic and/or global partners to determine if unmet needs exist that we can meet with financial resourcing.


Convoy of Hope is our primary domestic/global disaster response partner that we seek to equip with funding in these situations. Convoy of Hope regularly responds to natural disasters like earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, storms, etc., as well as human crises like war, famine, displacement, and more. They are a Christ-centered organization meeting needs across the globe. 


When you give to our Crisis & Disaster Relief fund, 100% of what’s given goes directly to Convoy of Hope, and they allocate the funds to the areas of most immediate need. Any funds we provide to other domestic/global partners comes from our Bridge Missions budget.

Give to Disaster Relief

Through your generosity, The Bridge has been a part of dozens of relief efforts locally and globally through your participation and generosity—whether it was teams on the grounds following the Nashville-area tornadoes of recent years or responding to the needs of refugees in war-torn countries. 


If you’d like to give towards our crisis and disaster relief fund, please click below.

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