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Maury County Tornado Relief


On May 8, 2024, a severe tornado hit Columbia and Spring Hill, TN, leaving our community with varying levels of damage, destruction, and loss. Because Maury County is home to The Bridge, many of our church families have been affected.


Now is the time to mobilize, to love one another, to open our homes and tables, and to resource our church family.


If you’ve experienced damage from the storm and need assistance, or know someone who does, click the “Get Help” button and our team will be in touch as soon as possible. 


Use the “Give Help” button if you want to sign up to serve. We’ll reach out as damage is assessed and opportunities arise. 


If you’d like to give financially to relief efforts, use the “Give Now” button below.

Give to Disaster Relief

Through your generosity, The Bridge has been a part of dozens of relief efforts locally and globally. These funds will be used to mobilize as a church in response to the Maury County tornado and towards any future relief efforts.


If you’d like to give towards our crisis and disaster relief fund, please click below.


Get Involved


We always begin with prayer. It’s our most powerful aid. When we are notified of a crisis and/or disaster, we will pray both privately and corporately, and provide prayer points covering the most pivotal needs of those affected. 


If you’re interested in joining our prayer team and leading the way in praying over needs here, near, and far, sign up to serve below.


Through organized efforts with partners that handle the safety, training, and logistics of crisis and disaster response, we will deploy teams whenever possible to assist with projects like clean-up, demolition, rebuilding, food or hygiene kit distribution, and more—all based on the needs present.


If you’re interested in being on the list to hear about serving opportunities, fill out the form below.


Often, in times of crisis and disaster, the most useful tool is not a project or people—it’s finances. Through our local, national, and international partners who are specially trained to evaluate and respond to needs, we practice generosity to meet practical needs whenever possible.


If you would like see how funds are allocated, see below.

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