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Do you have a passion to bring the Gospel to kids in a way they best understand? And (be honest) does your favorites playlist feature the Veggie Tales’ greatest hits? Then we’ve got just the thing for you!

The Bridge Kids Director will be responsible for creating, overseeing, and improving all area’s of Bridge Kids. This role requires a passion for the mission of Kids Ministry, but more importantly, a desire to equip parents as the primary disciple-er of their home.



If your most embarrassing moments involve some kind of in-ear mishap and you can correctly use the word “drip” in a sentence, we’d love to talk!

The Student & Worship Director will equip volunteers to walk in students lives, partner with parents in discipling their students, and manage all the day to day operations of a fast paced student ministry. They will also be apart of the Worship & Creative department that seeks to come alongside the vision of our church by facilitating a culture where people leave our Worship Gatherings saying, “Surely God is in this place.“They will lead our musicians and prioritize excellence in preparation for rehearsals and Sunday worship gatherings. This person will build, disciple, and equip the teams for future ministry, always prioritizing people over the tools needed to get ministry done.


Does your kitchen table double as space to eat and where your friends end up gathering weekly to hang? If your passion is to bring people together then we’d love to chat!

The Groups and Formation Director will be responsible for growing and leading our Bridge Groups to bring people together to be with Jesus and become like Him for the sake of the world. This person will ensure that we are thinking creatively and strategically about how we are making apprentices of Jesus from all angles, in all domains: teaching, groups, language, practices, events, music, etc. They will also help our church and leaders always think through the lens of this question: “How is this shaping our people?”

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Have you ever sang a VeggieTales song to solve a life problem or thought, “I could really use a confetti cannon right now?” Does encouraging others come natural to you? This might be the perfect role for you!

The Bridge Kids Coordinator will be responsible for relational development with leaders, equipping small group leaders and volunteers in their roles, creating a fun and creative environment for kids to hear the Gospel, and innovate new ways to resource families as they disciple their children. 


Does your heart ache for the orphan? Do you have a deep desire to help develop a vibrant adoption culture in churches across the nation? We would love to talk with you! 

The No More Fatherless Executive Director will be the primary vision caster, leader, and builder of all facets of the work. They will work to develop partner churches to become “No More Fatherless Churches” along with leading the organization to be a leading evangelical voice for adoption and foster care. 

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