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One of the most significant things the gospel compels us to do is to live generously. In the Kingdom of God, we recognize that everything we have is a gift that we’re called to steward for His purposes in the world as he opens doors and seats around tables.


It’s time to live in the fullness of

life that God has for us by

bringing the gospel to Every Table!



Commitment Sunday

What is Every Table?

Our Mission for the Next Three Years

In 2023, we asked YOU, church family, where you felt the Lord was leading us to invest as a community. It was very clear that as a church, we are passionate about reaching our neighborhoods and equipping the next generation. You encouraged us to improve our Spring Hill kids and students environments and invest in a more permanent meeting space in Columbia so that we continue to be a light in our communities.

Each of these spaces will function as "training grounds", and we believe the vision God has given our church will be magnified with these spaces as tools as we are sent out as everyday missionaries, bringing the gospel to every table. Through it, we hope to see 20,000 people belong to Jesus in the next 20 years.



Commitment Sunday

Primary Goal: 100% Engagement

We hope that every one of us would ask ourselves, "Am I both investing in and personally bringing the gospel to every table so that more people can surrender to and trust in Jesus?"

We are all called to do whatever it takes to lead others to Jesus. With that in mind, we are continuing to make room for more people to encounter Jesus, experience transformation, and find hope in him.

For those who call The Bridge their church home, we challenge you to pray and ask God how you should participate. We believe He desires for 100% of our church to live as everyday disciples, using every table as a bridge to show the grace, hope, and love of Jesus. We also are praying that 100% of our church family would participate in asking God what He's calling them to give over and above so that more people can experience the freedom found only in Jesus.

Secondary Goal: $5.8 Million

Through your generosity, we will expand our spaces to serve as training grounds for everyday missionaries.

We asked and heard from many of you that you would be willing to commit $5.8 million towards the future vision of The Bridge. Our staff has done our due diligence in getting architectural plans, quotes from contractors, and pricing on the cost of adding space in Spring Hill. This would allow us to equip, train, and send out everyday missionaries and invest in our next-generation ministries. 

Hitting this goal of $5.8 million raised over three years would allow us to cashflow these spaces in Spring Hill and enable us to save for a long-term meeting space in Columbia so that we can continue to have gospel outposts in Middle Tennessee and beyond.



Commitment Sunday

Spring Hill Expansion

Outdoor Kids Space

Bridge Kids: 4th & 5th

spring hill expansion-edit_edited.jpg

Spring Hill Expansion

Screen Shot 2024-01-17 at 12.10.57 PM.png

Volunteer Central

Screen Shot 2024-01-17 at 12.12.39 PM.png

Bridge Kids: K-3

Training Center

Permanent Columbia Space

Columbia_Town_Square_7th_1_ksm_19f586ee-6430-47be-bd3e-98ea247ef077 (1).jpg
We will lock in a permanent location that our Columbia campus calls "home," allowing The Bridge to continue being a gospel outpost in a city we're witnessing a move of God daily.
Your Role
  1. Pray for our church as we head into the launch of this new vision.

  2. Pray for how God would uniquely have you participate and give to the Every Table initiative.

  3. Mark your calendars for May 5th, Commitment Sunday.


Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart to give,
not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver. 

2 Corinthians 9:7



Commitment Sunday


What are you asking me to do?

Put simply, we are asking you to live generously and sacrificially for the sake of the gospel and the sake of the world. We know that this will require 100% of our church joyfully giving of their time to invest in God’s people and their treasure to invest in God’s kingdom. Not everyone will be called to give the same, but we believe all are called to live sacrificially and be a part of how God is moving in our church and communities. 


Pray how God would have you participate over the next three years. Then, on Commitment Sunday, join us with your gift and continue to pray that the seeds planted that day would lead to great fruit (John 12:24).


Why now?

Since 2022, we have seen God sharpening and refining this vision among our elders, leadership, and staff and creating incredible unity and alignment. We want to be proactive, prayerful, and obedient when God is prompting and moving in big ways and small. We are excited to begin this new vision as a church as we round the corner into the next 20 years of The Bridge’s story, and Every Table is increasingly evident as the direction God’s leading in.

How does this align with our mission as a church?

As a church, we exist to be with Jesus and become like Him for the sake of the world, and that’s our purpose and calling. When we prioritize intimacy with Jesus, identity in Jesus, and purpose for Jesus, He invites us into unique work for His glory. We believe that the “work of ministry” is for all of us, not just a select few (Ephesians 4:11-13). For The Bridge, that unique work is to bring the gospel to every table—to see 20,000 people following Jesus and being baptized and 20 churches planted. Our mission is our “what we do,” and our vision is “where we’re going.”


You are our strategy.

The table is our method.

The gospel is our goal.


When does my commitment begin?

Commitment Sunday will take place on May 5th, and on that day, we’re asking everyone to come with their largest gift, which will allow us to cash flow the first phases of the initiative. 


Then, the 3-year commitment of the Every Table initiative will begin in June 2024, ending in May 2027.

How do building upgrades foster the Every Table vision?

Many churches dream of being planted in a fast-growing area with so much potential for outreach, and by God’s grace, we are there. Maury County is the fastest growing county in the state of Tennessee, and we have the unique gift of having two campuses in the heart of where God is bringing new people daily. Our Spring Hill campus needs upgrades to facilitate the exponential growth of our city, and Columbia needs a permanent space for us to put a stake in the ground of a city we’re seeing God move in daily. The buildings exist to be the training grounds for everyday missionaries to move beyond the building and bring the gospel to every table we gather around.

When will we begin to see progress?

In Spring Hill, construction in our Bridge Kids spaces and the build-out of our Volunteer Central, meeting rooms, and other family gathering spaces in Fall 2024. In Columbia, we will continue pursuing a permanent location once we receive commitments and can adequately budget for a space near the downtown square within the year; however, the official timeline will be largely dependent on availability of real estate and any necessary renovations or upgrades needed. Nonetheless, both projects will begin as early as possible with cash flow from commitments, so that we are stewarding the funds wisely and not incurring any new debt. 

How do we measure “bringing the gospel to every table”?
The hope for this vision of bringing the gospel to every table is that it’s not an end goal for our church, but a lifelong piece of our identities. With that, there are two ways we can measure progress or track metrics—by tracking indicators or by witnessing evidence. We could have people run reports and track stats of what everyone is doing, but better than that would be to see the evidence of people living this vision out. We’ll constantly be asking, “Are we seeing evidence of life change?” Those numbers will be reflected in things like Bridge Groups sharing stories of the table being leveraged for discipleship, people taking next steps in their faith through baptism, or increasing numbers of kids and students engaged in our church.


Is $5.8M realistic?
The capacity we’re believing for as a church is $5.8 million in over-and-above giving over the next three years—and we believe this is the floor, not the ceiling. This figure is based on a church-wide survey completed in 2023. After consulting with experts in resourcing ministry initiatives like this, the average a church is able to raise in a three year initiative is 1.5-2x their current annual income; for us, $5.8 million sits conservatively at even less than that, about 1.3x our current annual income.



Commitment Sunday

Every Table

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